Used Filterpress Machines & Pumps

Filter presses are regarded as investments made-to-last and, on account of their robustness, they offer economic benefits.

We always have in stock used filter presses of different sizes and construction types. We also have on stock used plant peripherals such as pumps, valves, conveyor technology and other components.

R&W overhauls all the filter presses and, upon request, can restore them to a 'like new' condition including providing a warranty as for a new machine. Moreover, the filter presses can be adapted for the available foundations.

R&W deals in filter presses - chamber or membrane - from renowned manufacturers such as:

  • Rittershaus & Blecher
  • Schule
  • Passavant
  • Netzsch
  • von Roll
  • Schenk
  • Hoesch
  • and many others

If you have a machine for sale then please contact us.

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