The Rollfit®-System - R&W Filtertechnik

The innovative Rollfit® system combines the process steps of filtration and drying in one and the same facility. In particular, solid-liquid separation and the subsequent drying operation can be carried out in the very same facility and without having to manipulate or handle the product in any way.

The principle

The suspension is pumped into the Rollfit® and, thereafter, filtrated until a solid filter cake remains in the facility. Next, this is immediately thermally dried in a vacuum, there and then, until the desired level of residual moisture is achieved.

  • Filtration and drying in one single machine
  • No product manipulation or handling between filtration and drying
  • Rollfit® can be retrofitted to existing chamber filter presses
  • Simple process control via pressure, temperature and time
  • Gentle vacuum drying
  • No sticky phase
  • No dust fires, or explosion hazard
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Dry matter content can be set as required
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